Remote Control RC Cars

A car in your own garage is practical in the first place. You drive it to work, shopping and basically whenever the way is too far by bike or on foot. However, a car also needs a lot of care. It's the same on a large scale as it is on a small one. Even model cars should be regularly overhauled to keep the technology running smoothly.

For those who are also looking for a speed rush, the private car is often only suitable to a limited extent. The remedy here is our remote-controlled racing cars in 1:8 scale from the market-leading manufacturers! This uniform size ensures a weight that provides good ground traction. The adrenaline kick of racing around the tracks at up to 240 km/h is unmistakable and makes small and big hearts beat faster. So you can operate the remote control cars with electric motor excellent in the curves and have the feeling of holding the speed of the car in your hands.

But not only speed barometers are cracked with our cars, our RC crawlers are also ideal for small and larger hills. An exciting course is quickly set up in the living room, which then has to be mastered with our jeeps in 1:24 scale. Especially in winter a great hobby for the whole family!
We also have realistic replicas on a scale of up to 1:12 of various classic cars in our range for the enthusiasts among you.

This makes our RC models suitable for both professional and private use. Technical progress as well as the creativity of the manufacturers in construction and design gives you a huge selection of different RC vehicles.

In our online store you will find a wide variety of models for every need!

Accessories for RC cars

Of course, at Voltmaster you will also find all the accessories you need to upgrade and repair your remote controlled vehicle. In our online store, we carry individual motors, body replacement parts, wheels, suspension, and even new receiver and control units that provide even better control of your RC cars.

Just contact us and we will be happy to help you find the right spare parts and components for your model, so you can get back to racing on the track or in your living room at home as soon as possible.