fire protection

Extover® - the reliable and clean fire protection solution.

Whether for simple consumer use or as professional prevention in large-scale operations, Extover® brand fire extinguishing agent gives you the ability to control unpredictable fires quickly and easily.

The granules of expanded glass are softly applied to the fire during use. In the process, Extover® surrounds the fire and effectively smothers it. At particularly high temperatures, the granules melt and spread over the surface of the burning metal. The melt forms an airtight seal that extinguishes the metal fire and crusts it as it cools. Re-ignition is effectively prevented.

As a special extinguishing agent, the granules are suitable for class D and lithium ion fire loads.

Problematic fire loads such as metal fires, battery fires, lithium fires or flammable liquids can be controlled and extinguished with the granules without causing extinguishing agent damage.

The fire extinguishing agent for industry, e-mobility and RC model making

Rechargeable batteries have an ever increasing energy level. The range of applications is also becoming more and more diverse. The demand is increasing, both in industrial use and in the hobby sector. Protection against the dangers posed by the fires and explosions of these batteries is thus becoming increasingly important and is also receiving more and more attention in the legal regulations.

We offer Extover® not only in the quantities shown here, but can also provide individual packaging sizes in any quantity within a very short time on request - and at a guaranteed low price!

Furthermore, we carry various safety boxes in our store, which allow a safe transport of batteries as well as their safe storage.

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