Buy RC airplanes cheap

The dream of flying occupies man since he can think. Like a bird, he would like to rise into the air and enjoy the infinite freedom. With a real, own airplane can probably serve the fewest people, but a remote-controlled RC aircraft to call his own, is already a big deal. Modelers don't necessarily always want to see their model airplanes in the display case, but to experience them in action. Our RC airplanes make this dream a reality. In the Voltmaster online store you will find numerous RC airplanes of different manufacturers and designs. Decide on your favorite and experience for yourself how great it can be to see your own models in the air and be able to control them yourself.

Shockflyers, gliders and paragliders

RC aircraft are not always the same. Nor is it always just a model that finds its propulsion with a single propeller, which keeps it in the air. RC gliders work with a very complex system that balances its own motion and stabilizes it with internal rotation. Due to the particularly light construction of the RC shockflyers, even harder falls are no problem for the functionality. Due to the fact that the motor is mostly located inside the remote controlled aircraft, it will not be damaged. The flexible and lightweight housing will also remain largely damage-free should it ever crash. So you can be confident that you won't lose the fun of your model airplane even after a minor accident. The paragliders in our online store can let you glide through the air easily and light as a feather. Powered by a tail propeller, the gliders are a welcome change from fast model flying for beginners and advanced RC pilots alike.

Advice on all aspects of RC aircraft

If you have not yet chosen your RC model airplane and need a little help deciding, we are happy to help you. Tell us your wishes and we will find the right remote controlled airplane for you. Make yourself or your friends a nice present and buy cheap RC airplanes and paragliders directly from Voltmaster. With our experience and expertise, we are happy to help you find the right model for your hobby.