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3D printing for every need

We have been involved in 3D printing for several years now. We have been working successfully with various companies on a regular basis, for whom we now mass-produce individual products from plastic filament using 12 high-performance printers. We are also constantly expanding our product range for end customer needs. In cooperation with various professional designers, we are creating more and more products. Figures, gears, adapters as well as industrial controllers, spare parts for classic cars or even models for architects are just a few examples.

Sustainability and 3D printing - innovative concepts for the future

When it comes to sustainability, 3D printing serves as a functional and straightforward solution. Many devices, machines and other everyday objects can be repaired cheaply and quickly, so that a new purchase is not necessary. Resource scarcity and immense energy consumption will determine our everyday lives in the near future. A reflection on individual, simple solution concepts away from our current throwaway culture will be a way to overcome these problems. 3D printing is a viable alternative, at least on a small scale. Among other things, we have already been able to repair washing machines, awnings and kitchen appliances for further use.

Contact us at any time with your individual fabrications or even creative ideas, we look forward to your inquiries!

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