As active competition pilots (F3B, F3F, F3J) with World Cup and European Championship experience, Aerotec was always looking for suitable models. But either they did not meet their expectations in all points or they were not available in the desired period, quality or quantity. Since different models were needed for the above mentioned classes, the time allotment for self-building was exhausted. However, since several model concepts were lying in the drawer, so to speak, Aerotec wanted to look for new ways to realize their designs.

In order to have maximum control over quality and design, Stefan Eder decided to start his own company to have the required models manufactured.

The concept is to offer - exclusively - competition-ready, self-developed models of the FAI classes F3B, F3F and F3J and large gliders, as well as appropriate accessories for the competition and dedicated recreational pilot. The goal is to offer the highest quality, exceptional design and especially flight models with excellent performance values!

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