MKS "HBL550L" Voll-Aluminium Competition Servo (2030026)

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MKS is founded since 1999,  and specialized in research, design and development of RC model servos.
Some of the best drivers in the world like Ty Tessmann trust in the quality and performance. When you keep MKS in your cars, you will feel confident that you can cross the finish line with greta results!
Applying environmental condition:
Storage Temparature: -40°C ~ +80°C
Operating Temperature: -30°C ~ +60°C
Working voltage: 3.5 ~ 7.4V DC Volts (2S LiPo un-regulated)
Electric Specification (4.8V/6.0V/7.4V):
Operating speed (at no loads): 0.09s/4.8V; 0.07s/6.0V; 0.06s/7.4V
Stall torque /Track): 9.0 kg-cm/4.8V; 12.0 kg-cm/6.0V; 15.0 kg-cm/7.4V
Idle current (at locked): 270mA max/4.8V; 340mA max/6.0V; 420mA max/7.4V
Stall current (at locked): 4.1A/4.8V; 5.1A/6.0V; 6.3A/7.4V
Mechanical Specification:
Dimmensions:  40.5 x 20.5 x 25.4 mm
Weight:  58.5g max. (w/o servo horn)
Spline Teeth/Diameter:  25T / 6 mm
Motor Type:  Brushless Motor
Bearing Type:  Dual Ball Bearings
Gear:  Metal Alloy Gear
Case:  6061 Aluminum CNC Casing (Anodised)
Wire gauge:  L: 20cm / 22AWG
Connector type: Dupont 2.54mm
Control Specification:
Control system (8V max):  Pulse with modification
Digital/Analog controller:  Digital controller
Working frequence:  333Hz
Resolution:  < 1.0 µsec
Dead band:  0.001ms (Default)
Neutral point:  1500µsec
Pulse width range:  900µsec~ 2100µsec
Maximum travelinge angle:  Approx 120° (when 900?2100 µsec)

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