SkyRC - charger D100 V2 AC/DC 10A - 2x100W

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Die neueste Version des bekannt bewährten D100 von SkyRC mit tollen neuen Features.

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New features of the D100 V2:






  • Voice guide - voice output
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  • Scan to go
  • Integrated Bluetooth module
  • DC power supply 100 watts
  • Smaller dimensions than the D100

The Sky RC D100 V2 is a charger with two charging outputs, voice guide, power distribution, scan to go, and more...
It has a large 128 x 64 LCD display which shows the status of both outputs at all times.

Included in the delivery are the power cable, 2x XT-60 charging cable, 2x charging cable with open end and 2x XH balancer adapter boards and a detailed German manual.

The SKYRC D100 V2 is a 2-channel charger with two independent circuits to charge two types of batteries in parallel. Through active power distribution, the D100 V2 always provides the maximum possible power on each channel to shorten charging times. The D100 V2 can also be connected to a PC for control and firmware update. The D100 can also be used as a lithium battery meter or to measure internal resistance. For safety, the D100 V2 has a number of automatic safety shutdowns such as über the charge current limit, capacity limit, max. temperature or the charging time.


  • 2-channel charger:The SKYRC D100 V2 allows you to connect and charge two different types of batteries at the same time.
  • Automatic power distribution: In AC mode, the max. energy (100W) is automatically and optimally distributed to the two outputs. e.g. channel A = 70W and channel B = 30W
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  • In DC mode, 2x 100 watts of charging power are available
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  • Data Memory: Data from a maximum of ten batteries per output can be stored and recalled for comparison when needed
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  • Terminal Voltage Control (TVC): The user can adjust the battery final voltage manually, thus the maximum permissible final voltage can be set and achieved according to the rules and regulations, especially for racing use
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  • Built-in lithium battery balancer: The charger uses a built-in balancer which monitors and balances the individual cell voltage. It is therefore not necessary to connect an external balancer.
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  • Balances during discharge: Even during the discharge processes, the D100 V2 Duo can monitor individual cells and balances each cell separately. If it detects an abnormal voltage of a single cell, the process is aborted and an error message is displayed.
  • Lithium Battery Types: Different types of lithium batteries are supported, such as lithium-ion, LiPo and LiFePo batteries.
  • Shutdown über capacity: If a maximum value für the charge capacity was set, the charging process is automatically terminated as soon as this capacity was reached.
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  • Shutdown time: As a further protection, the maximum time für a process can be set to automatically end the process when Überschreitung.
  • Temperature shutdown (only with optional temperature sensor): A battery becomes warmer and warmer during charging due to the chemistry inside. If the previously set temperature is reached, the process is automatically terminated. Gehäusefuß with tilt adjustment: The foot; is adjustable in the tilt to get an individual comfortable operation and a good view of the display.
  • Voice Guide voice recognition
  • Scan to Go

Top features:





  • LiHV charging mode: ready for the next generation of LiPo batteries. This mode provides a battery end voltage of 4.35 volts / cell and thus für more power in their model. However, necessarily check beforehand that it is also a LiHV battery.
  • Fast & Storage Charge: The FAST & STORAGE mode is available when charging lithium batteries. When charging in Fast Mode, the battery will not hold capacity as long as when charging in STORAGE Mode. Thus, STORAGE mode is ideal when a battery is to be stored for a longer period of time.
  • Re -Peak Mode: In Re-Peak charging mode of NiCd or NiMH, the battery is automatically charged up to 3 times to the PEAK value. This ensures that the battery is 100% fully charged.
  • Cyclic charge / discharge: Here, the battery is charged up to 5x and discharged again the same. It is optimal to reactivate ältere or beschädigte cells or to align the cells of a pack again.
  • Battery Meter: It can check and measure the total voltage, highest voltage, lowest voltage and voltage of each individual cell.
  • LiPo Internal Resistance Meter: It can measure the internal resistance of each cell or compl. pack.

Optional software Charge Master:
. With this software, the user can monitor the charging process on the PC überwachen such as battery pack voltage, cell voltage and other nützliche values, of course, everything in real time and also as a graphic. In addition, the charger über the software from the PC can be controlled and the firmware can be updated.

Optional smartphone APP für the charger:
Smartphone control via Bluetooth. This is especially on races extremely practical and important because you are not always at the place to perceive the current status, a power failure or error.

Technical data:

  • Input voltage: (AC) / (DC) 100 to 240V / 11 to 18V
  • Charge current: 0.1 to 10A
  • Max. Charging power: 2x 100W (DC) / 100W (AC)
  • Discharge current: 0.1 to 5A
  • Max. Discharge power: 2x 10W
  • Max. Balancer equalization current: 200mA
  • Number of cells (LiPo, LiFe, LiIon):  1 to 6S (3.7 to 22.2V)
  • Number of cells (NiMH / NiCd): 1 to 15 cells 
  • Weight without cable: approx. 975g
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  • Dimensions: approx. 163 x 153 x 72mm

Scope of delivery:

  • D100 V2 charger
  • Mains plug für the socket
  • 2x charging cable without plug (for self-linking)
  • 2x XT-60 charging cable
  • 2x Balancer Adapter XH Type für 2 to 6S Lipos
  • German instruction manual


  • Voice output
  • Scan to Go function
  • Power supply function
  • Adjustable charging and charging end voltage
  • .
  • TVC Re-peak for NiMH and NiCd batteries
  • Firmware upgrade
  • &Uml;overtemperature protection
  • &Umercapacity protection
  • Polarity reversal protection


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